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Call me Angelique.

SW: 165 lbs (July 2nd)
155 145 135 125 120

I am inspired, and I am determined, and I'll do it, no matter how long it takes.
I will be 140 pounds before August 15th.
Be scared. Watch my ass.

Had candy. Oh well.

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workouts, you may find helpful + diet generator


Pop Pilates:

New Body Makeover
HIIT Body Weight Workout
Summer Slim Down pt1
Summer Slim Down pt2

Body Slimming

Tae Bo (I know it may seem kind of silly, but it’s effective):

Amped Fat Burn pt1
Amped Fat Burn pt2
Amped Fat Burn pt3
Amped Fat Burn pt4
Amped Fat Burn pt5

Yogis Anonymous:

Power Yoga

Jillian Micheals:

Yoga Meltdown
Six Week Six Pack level One

Six Week Six Pack level Two
Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

automatic diet generator

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Calories are easier to count when you don’t have any to count.

I’m beautiful, 165 pounds or not.

July 4

Breakfast - 3 pretzels, 3 pieces o/ cantaloupe, 3 pieces o/ honeydew

Lunch - salad, a vine of grapes

Dinner - a homemade hamburger w/cheese, mayo, mustard, ketchup. :/

Exercise - Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 week 1 (30 minutes)

I don’t wanna talk about this calorie intake.

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In Summer 2012, I’ll be wearing a yellow string bikini.

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